12 Success Stories

I recently came across an article focusing on the recruitment crisis facing schools, and how it is causing extra pressure on senior leaders in terms of being able to access consistent high quality teaching, and “budgetary busting” recruitment advertising and recruitment fees.

It’s the reason why primary schools find our service invaluable! Below is a snapshot of 12 success stories which will give you an overview as to how we add significant value to our ongoing partnerships with primary schools:

1. Reliable

All of the J and C Education Staff (PE, French and Music) are very professional, reliable and hardworking. They are also very adaptable to the needs of the school

Daniel Gristwood, Deputy Headteacher, St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

2. Inclusive

J and C are a listening organisation that form an inclusive and valued part of the team here at St Luke’s.

Barbara Dunn, Headteacher, St Luke’s Primary School, Westminster

3. Opportunity

Tracey always gives 110%, and has developed music across the whole school, and provided many opportunities where music is shared with the whole school community.

Valerie Britnell, Headteacher, Wingrave CE Combined School

4. Impactful

Scott has had an excellent impact on staff confidence and enthusiasm in delivering PE.

Sam Froggett, PE Coordinator, Bramley CE Primary School

5. Long Term Relationship

We are very pleased with the PE, Music and French services provided by J and C Education. We look forward to continuing working with you in the future.

Ashley Walker, Headteacher, Newport School

6. Flexible

We enjoy having the (PE, Music and Spanish) Teachers around as they fit in very well with our ethos. We really appreciate the company's flexibility in providing us with the best staff for the job and accommodating us.

Junaida Bana, Deputy Headteacher, Avanti Court Federation Primary School

7. Quality of Delivery


All year long I’ve had terrific feedback from staff in all different year groups about the engagement of pupils and also the quality of PE lessons.

Dave Woods, Headteacher, Beaconsfield Primary School

8. Child Centered Approach

I’m reluctant to recommend suppliers, but I would always recommend J and C Education. You go above and beyond by putting the needs of children first.

Karen Doherty, Headteacher, Drayton Green Primary School

9. Professional

You are always quick to answer emails, and always polite and professional. You have worked with us flexibly to sort out keeping (PE practitioner) Wayne on and the teachers always turn up ready and prepared to deliver their PE and Music lessons

Jamie Maloy, Headteacher, Viking Primary School

10. Enthusiastic Teachers

We love Music Teacher Adrienne’s enthusiasm and hardworking nature. The children absolutely adore her!”

Lavinia Spong, Headteacher, St James the Great RC Primary & Nursery School

11. Proactive

Thanks for being so proactive regarding quality assurance of the teachers you place in our schools…. Thanks also to Jazz Rose for attending so many of our school events.

Lisa McIntyre, Headteacher, Dawlish Primary School

12. Continual Career Development

J and C Education are not a supply agency. They invest a lot in to their teachers. Their strength is they continually train their teachers on the best classroom practice and current changes.

Clare Wash, Headteacher, Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School