In this short article we discuss the 3 forms of intelligence and their importance in creating well rounded individuals who positively contribute to society.

  1. Intellectual Intelligence (IQ)

In the realm of education where often taught one core quotient of learning. This is usually communicated in the form of knowledge, understanding, research and technical skill. We can surmised this as "intellectual intelligence". Whilst having knowledge and intellect is incredibly important in helping us to understand how things are formed, there is also an important essence that powerfully demonstrates how we can form things in order to be at the heart of social progress.

In the 90's intellect was a primary determinant for success and the other two forms weren't so valuable. However in today's society, a well rounded notion of emotional quotient (EQ) and adaptability quotient (AQ) are increasingly more and more important predictors of one's success, happiness and fulfilment.

2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence relates to how we perform what we know in a way which powerfully connects with the highest version of our selves and others. It's often overlooked as "soft skills" but has critical value. Have you ever been to an interview where you had all the technical skills for the job, but you lacked self-belief, confidence or clarity in communication? If you are a recruiter or employer, I'm sure you've seen this on numerous occasions. Intellectual quotient is about capability, whilst having strong emotional intelligence, enables you to convey your capability in a positive way that connects with and inspires others.

It could be said that whilst IQ gets us the interview, EQ gets us through the interview successfully. With this in mind then, is there more to intelligence that determines ones progress?

3. Adaptability Intelligence (AQ)...

Whilst intellectual and emotional intelligence are commonly mentioned, "adaptability" is rarely discussed. In our rapidly progressing economy compiled with artificial intelligence and technology, adaptability to new environments, ways of thinking and solving problems are of essential value. Employers and clients of those who are self employed are constantly asking themselves 3 questions:

  1. Do they have the capability? (Knowledge and skills to complete the tasks)
  2. Do they have the chemistry? (Ability to connect and perform well with others)
  3. Do they have the capacity? (Ability to adapt to changing circumstances)

When these 3 questions are consistently answered positively in our internal dialogue, we have strong foundation for sustainability and continuous growth.

In my 15 years of leadership, I've found that my best team members, employees, partners, contractors and suppliers have always been the ones with all 3 skill sets and most importantly, they always shine on point number 3. Think about your most successfull colleagues, past and present. Do you notice these rounded skills? These people are like gold stars who use both cognitive skill and creativity to adapt to new scenarios. They relate well with others and create new discoveries and ways of operating to leverage continuously improving results.

The challenge for employers is finding these rare 'gold stars'! Creating capable, creative and confident people is a core driver behind why I found both J and C Academy and J and C Education. We are pro-active in driving primary school children to have the confidence and competence to deliver high performance results in whatever industry or environment they choose once they leave school.

Jazz Rose, Founder, J and C Academy & J and C Education.

Available for speaking opportunities on Lifelong learning and Leadership.