Is J and C a recruitment agency?

No. That could be the end of the article, but let’s uncover some myths about who we are and what we do. Let’s start by defining what a recruitment agency is and does.

What is a recruitment agency?

  • Recruitment agencies are outside firms who go and find candidates for employers. If you get a job through a recruitment agency, you become an employee of the employer.

 What is J and C?

J and C specialize in enriching creative curriculums for primary schools. We provide a whole school solution to high quality delivery of specialist subjects.

  1. We recruit and employ our staff internally which means schools pay no on-costs.
  2. We train our teachers internally before they come to your school and throughout their career journey.


Why would a school use a recruitment agency?

If schools need general class teachers and don’t have the time to attract the right staff, the right recruitment agent can work wonders. They can send you a list of candidates to interview. The school chooses the candidate they like and pay the recruitment agency a set fee as a percentage of their salary. Hiring a specialist teacher through a recruitment agency is an option too which means you get to employ the teacher.


So why would a school use J and C?

If schools need a specialist teacher, using J and C can have numerous hidden benefits.

  1.  J and C provide ongoing specialist training which keeps teachers operating at peak performance. When teachers don’t receive ongoing training in their specialist subject, it’s easy for them to flat line. Reports suggest that teachers don’t get much better at all after their first 3 years.
  2. If the teacher is unwell or incapable of working, J and C will send a replacement teacher. The cover teacher will;
  • Know what the children have been learning.
  • Be trained on the same curriculum.

Deliver engaging lessons, taking on from where the regular teacher left off.

      3. Our teachers operate in a network of other people who teach their specialist subject. This reduces teacher workload and isolation. Schools benefit from deeply engaged staff without the additional on costs and stresses of employment.

It sounds like J and C do a lot behind the scenes. Why do you do it?

We love what we do. More importantly we want our children to grow up in an education system that is awe inspiring. A system that ignites the spark of children’s natural genius. An education that challenges children to be the best they can be. An environment that allows them to explore their creativity and embeds a lifelong passion for learning.

Passion for Learning! Why do you say this so much?

When a child develops a passion for learning one thing, their confidence goes up and they can learn anything. When they can learn anything, they can do anything.

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