Who is your most #MemorableTeacher?

According to EPI’s (Economic Policy Institute) recent analysis; despite a 10% increase in pupil numbers since 2010 teacher numbers have remained steady. At the same time, teacher training applications are down by 5%. This creates a huge challenge for schools staffing.

Given the fact that children between 5 - 16 spend over 10,000 hours under teacher guidance, I believe it is more important than ever to celebrate teachers' value and remember how much of an influence they have had on our lives.

At a recent professional development day we asked 25 teachers; "Who is your most memorable teacher?" Below are a few highlights along with the 4 most common narratives of their most memorable teachers.

What were the common characteristics?

  1. Passionate & Personable - Our most memorable teachers loved to pass on knowledge with an infectious degree of enthusiasm. They also got to know their pupils likes and interests to ensure they could transfer knowledge in a way which inspired them.

  2. Fun & engaging - We heard over a dozen stories of how teachers used humour and entertainment to captivate pupils attention and imagination.
" ...Our history teacher would dive into lessons with a full Roman suit and a sword in his hand before giving a fact about Roman times... and you would never forget that fact because of the way he came in..."

3. Firm but fair - Our most memorable teachers were fun but they were no walkovers. They made sure every child knew the expectations for learning and were able to address negative situations in a positive way to get pupils back in focus.

4. Teach beyond the subject - Teachers that we remember always seemed to go beyond the rationale of the subject. They would take particular interest in the development of the whole child, build relationships with parents and other adults to support their progress.

Art Teacher, Susan Reid's quote appears to encapsulate all of the common threads above;

"...people don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care..."

The re-occurring themes throughout the stories it re-enforces my belief that passionate teachers are pivotal to shaping the pathways and progression of our children and future leaders. Would you agree?

I'd love to hear your views on who was your most memorable teacher and why.

Best regards, Founder & CEO

J and C Education & J and C Academy

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