Relieving SATs stress with physical activity

SATs can be a stressful time for most pupils so it’s important to help your child to reduce their stress and one of the best ways to do so is through physical activity. Ensuring that your child is staying active throughout their SATs will not only help to reduce their stress but in turn it will ensure that they are having fun instead of feeling constantly under pressure.

Surveys have shown that between 30-40% of children taking the SATs say that they felt stressed or anxious. If anxiety levels get too high it can disrupt their concentration and adversely affect their success. Therefore, it is so important to ensure that not only teachers are finding the right balance between revision, exercise and fun but also parents.

Interestingly, Dr Hillman from the University of Illinois found a strong link between ‘active bodies and active minds’ when he conducted a study using treadmill sessions to prove that it boosted problem solving abilities in participants stating “It’s good for attention. It’s good for how fast individuals process information and how they perform cognitive tasks”

Physical activity is also known to boost your energy levels and brain power. This can help your child to clear some headspace which will enhance their memory and help them to develop a passion for learning.

So, how can you make physical activity fun for your child? You could take your child swimming; this is a great way to get them out of the house and escape any worries that they may have regarding the SATs. You could even get creative with a treasure hunt; this is the ultimate way to get your child out walking in the fresh air as well as increasing their cognitive activity without pressures from the SATs. Other ways are through dancing, an obstacle course or even walking the dog. Not only do these ideas give your child the chance to fit some physical activity into their day but also provides space for them to relax and have fun.

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