The Growth Mindset Approach in Music and Sports – Inspiring Young People


It’s important that throughout a child’s education, they know and feel that they can develop their intelligence and reach their full potential. If the growth mindset is implemented in the early stages of education, this means that a child will continue to persevere even when obstacles occur. This level of strength and dedication is what increases growth and development as opposed to letting obstacles set someone back. So, the question is: how can schools and more specifically, teachers, develop the growth mindset in pupils?

It’s important not to teach Growth Mindset in isolation and instead, implement this approach into a well-rounded education by providing an enriched level of curriculum. This can be done perfectly through sports and music. An example of implementation in PE would be to take a ‘yet’ approach so that their development is open ended and ultimately, limitless. “I’m not a fast runner”; by adding ‘yet’, this encourages children to remain dedicated and positive and to also have fun in the process by not feeling negative about their performance. Another example is if a pupil finds core subjects like mathematics or English difficult, to communicate to pupils that this is a sign of brain growth as opposed to lack of intelligence instead of allowing pupils to accept that maths just isn’t one of their strengths.

Another approach is to provide education in a way that encourages optimal performance from all students. This will not only increase their motivation but it will allow students to grow together as opposed to grouping students based upon ability. This suggests a ‘fixed’ mindset, implying that certain pupils cannot grow past a particular point. Simply put, intelligence can develop as opposed to being cast in stone and this must be communicated throughout primary education to encourage the Growth Mindset. Both music and sports work in unison to provide children with the opportunity to work and achieve in collaboration. Music allows individuals to ‘think out loud’ and what better way to grow and develop if this can be done in a fun, comfortable and relaxed environment. Combining fun and education is the optimal environment for implementing the Growth Mindset. This provides a level of curriculum which enables pupils to grow and succeed without any external pressures. Music enables a child to truly embrace a positive attitude and physical activity is great for relieving stress so, if a person feels motivated to achieve in these particular areas, this will ultimately increase the Growth Mindset internally across wider curriculum.

Both areas don’t need to be difficult. If a child feels as if they can succeed and feel comfortable within music and sports this will only encourage them to succeed across other areas and not feel knocked down if they ‘fail’. It also provides children with motivation to try new things and to not be afraid if they do ‘fail’ at something in life because they can truly embrace fun and excitement whilst also growing as a person, opening their mind and enriching their education.

In our recent episode of the Passion for Learning Series, our CEO Jazz Rose discusses the Growth Mindset in more detail with headteacher of one of the most successful primary schools in the UK, Matthew Bradley. Head over to our channel to find out more about Matthew implemented the Growth Mindset to cultivate an inspiring school vision, drive high performance and also to provide high quality pastoral care.








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