The Importance of Creative Education

With Clare Walsh: Head-Teacher at Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School

Each time I visit Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School, I am in awe of the positive learning environment and the desire for progress from teachers and pupils alike.

Head Teacher Clare Walsh has replicated her passion for the highest standards of education within every facet of her school.

What do you most enjoy from your leadership role?

“The ability to be allowed to shape and support the lives of teachers who can in turn offer more opportunities to pupils.”

What do you find most challenging?

“Constant change within education, and trying to keep up these changes, as well as being able to adapt to what is best for my school”.

Mount Carmel Catholic Primary has had Music and Spanish Language provision since 2014. How did you found out about J and C Education?

“I was on a teaching course at St Gregory’s RC Primary School (Ealing), and I saw a PE lesson taking place. I asked one of the senior leadership team at the school which company they used. The process itself was very easy! I phoned up during the holidays, and everything was arranged very well.”

In 2015 you agreed to a 3 year service agreement for both Music and Spanish. What reasons were behind this decision?

“Because I know I will get 3 years of consistent teaching, and the reduced fees from a 3 year agreement fall in line with our budgets in a difficult period for schools. J and C Education have provided what I need, and I was happy to sign on.”

How would you describe the impact made by your specialists Gemma Garcia (Spanish) and Filippo  (Music) this year?

“I see Gemma and Filippo as integral members of the Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School teaching team. I highly value both of them and I know pupils adore them too!”

Why is creative education so important to you?

“Because these subjects offer children a chance to develop even more in addition to just literacy and mathematics”

“J and C Education are not a supply agency. They invest a lot in to their teachers. Their strength is they continually train their teachers on the best classroom practice and current changes. They even come and observe their own teachers to ensure their high standards are being met.”

We are always delighted to partner with schools who are looking to organically raise standards and provide a well-rounded education for their pupils.

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“My father was a teacher, who was totally against the thought of me becoming one! However, when I was 7 years old, a teacher was not doing a great job of reading a story to the classroom, and I thought I could do better! I was offered a chance to read the same story back to the class, and I was hooked! I then became focused on other school activity, and in time this lead down a path to become a qualified teacher eventually of over 10 years. I was then appointed in 2012 as Head Teacher at Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School”.

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