When it comes to primary education, many schools have a core focus on numeracy and literacy. There is a rigorous need to drive academic performance, meet/surpass expectations in the Standard Attainment Tests (SATs) and attract new parents. Schools need to fill places in order to ensure full access to government funding.

The challenge is, with such a core focus on SATs, how do schools find the time and money to deliver a high quality well-rounded curriculum? Below is a common school challenges you may appreciate.

  • Schools are at a constant battle with public funding. According to the BBC, 9/10 schools said they had cut back on lesson time, staff or facilities in at least one creative arts subject.

I’ve had hundreds of conversations with school leaders about these challenges (some of which can be found on our Passion for Learning - Inspiring Leaders show) and what can be done to solve them.


The government says the arts are crucial in a broad and balanced curriculum

How can J and C help?

J and C partner with primary schools across London and the South East to deliver an enriching creative curriculum. We deliver the training, resources and specialist teachers to deliver engaging lessons in line with the National Curriculum that support to raise attainment across the curriculum.

At the essence of our lessons, we teach children to develop their confidence, creativity and critical thinking. These core transferable skills form learning connections across all subjects and are key to developing lifelong learning, academic and artistic performance.

Can you save schools money?
We save schools money in many ways. In addition to removing all teacher on costs (National Insurance, Pensions, Statutory Sick Pay etc) we offer schools a rental fee for our extended school services. This simply means that working parents get to leave their children in school with passionate and skilled professionals till 6 pm and during the holidays. Meanwhile schools offset the finances to pay towards the cost of our specialist curriculum.

What kind of staff can I expect?
We only employ passionate people who love what they do. In line with our values we bring positive, productive teachers who drive performance in a way that ensures progress for your pupils, school and community. Our skilled teachers are specialists in their subject and are trained The J and C Way before coming to your school. They also receiving ongoing support and professional development to ensure they are embedded in your school community whilst continually raising standards.

P.S – This may take some time. If you call us on a Monday morning and say “I need a teacher tomorrow. Just send me a teacher by 8am!” we may not be able to help you. Recruitment agencies are great at this.

I’d like to discuss PPA cover & extended schools - How can I find out more?
It’s simple, give our friendly team a call or an e-mail on 0203 291 4387 or schools@jandceducation.com.

We will arrange your J and C teacher to deliver a demo lessons so you can see the impact we can make across your school in just a day.

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