Best selling author and entrepreneur Daniel Priestley repeatedly says:

"Environment Dictates Performance"

Daniel Priestley

Not only is this statement true in a business context, but the same applies to school learning environments. If you think back to your school days, you probably remember dull grey walls, uninspiring brown chairs and colourless carpets. Sounds familiar?

Well guess what - Schools don't need to look this way! Schools can be incredibly inspiring, innovative and playful environments. When I spoke on camera with ex National School Leader Rachel Jacob, she expressed her views on the importance of creating vibrant learning environments beyond physical appearance. As leaders of businesses, schools and organisations, it's worthwhile considering the impact on the senses of smell, touch and sight to fire up those cognitive neurons into inspired action.

Highly revered educational speaker and author Andrew Morrish often asks the question;

What if school was like Disney Land?

Andrew Morrish, Head-teacher and Speaker

Wouldn't the children want to go more eagerly and perform at their best more readily? In our most recent Passion for Learning - Inspiring Leaders episode Rachel breaks down how to put such an incredible vision into collaborative action.

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