At J and C we teach 5 core subjects across the wider curriculum; Music, PE, Modern Foreign Languages, Art and Drama. These subjects are important because they are practical. They allow children to explore what they have learnt, express and refine their skills through practical experiences.

Through effective delivery of creative arts and humanities, schools get to focus on raising performance across the core subjects; numeracy, literacy, science, etc. If we want children to truly thrive and become highly productive citizens of our global economy we need to give them ongoing access to a high quality academic AND creative curriculum.

In addition to acquiring knowledge and understanding through math and sciences, children need to express themselves and apply what they’ve learnt through PE, the Arts and humanities.

“creativity is as important as literacy and we should afford it the same status.”

Sir Ken Robsinson

Music: Inclusive, engaging and cross curricular music lessons that ensures effective progress from reception to year 6.
PE Pupils develop technical, tactical, physical and mental skill that develop confidence and critical thinking.
MFL We deliver French and Spanish lessons that improve communication, cognitive skills and cultural awareness.
Art Our Art lessons are creative, purposeful and linked to your school improvement plan to ensure high impact, integrated learning.

Inspiring drama lessons develop self-confidence, self-expression, reflective practice and team-work.

Delivering these subjects to their highest level of impact takes specialist skill, experience and understanding. Three components are required for highly effective teaching in these areas;

  1. Passion for the subject – To teach subjects like Music and Art to really high standards, it helps when teachers are passionate about what they’re teaching. It inspires an enthusiasm for learning that is infectious and drives a positive learning culture throughout the school.


  1. Subject knowledge – Teachers need to know the technical and tactical aspects of what they are teaching. In MFL it’s important that the teachers’ pronunciation is correct to avoid common misconceptions. In PE, the teacher needs to model and support effectively to avoid serious pupil injuries.
  2. Pedagogical skill – Teachers need to be skilled in creating the learning environment for maximum pupil progress and attainment. These include effective behavior for learning, modelling, questioning and checking for understanding.

How can we help?

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