J and C's New Booking System

  • Booking - December 2018

    Our old J and C booking system is now closed

  • J and C Providing Exciting

    Breakfast Clubs

    After-School Clubs

    Term-Time Clubs

    Holiday Camps

  • Booking - January 2019

    Parent/Guardians looking to book with J and C Academy from January 2019, please click the link below.

    Click Here chevron_right

New Interface

We are working alongside another company providing a friendlier interface


Happy Parents

Offering exactly what we have promised; flexibility with all J and C Extended Schools provision 



Parents already registered, will have to register again. We did consider transferring your information over, but the new system requires more detail



Bookings made on smaller devices has never been easier. The new booking system compliments smaller devices just as much as computers and laptops