Drama Lessons

Lessons that develop self-confidence, self reflection and team-work

Are you looking for an inspiring Drama provision that will:

  • Improve self assessment & peer assessment skills
  • Build analytical skills, expression & confidence
  • Link to your literacy & history curriculum

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How will a J and C Drama provision benefit my school?

Our Drama teachers will:

  • Deliver stimulating lessons that build confidence and understanding
  • Develop critical and creative thinking skills through improvisation and role play
  • Celebrate pupil progress through performances
  • Explore and express ideas, feelings and experiences

We will support your school to:

  • Embed pupils passion for lifelong learning
  • Link lessons to the schools English curriculum
  • Deliver assemblies and plays to showcase pupils work
  • Raise aspirations and attainment
As a senior leader it was supportive to see that the J and C Education took pride in the quality of the lessons by supporting observations and visiting the school to regularly monitor standards

RACHEL SPEED, Deputy Head-teacher, Central Park Primary School

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