Music Inspires Creativity

Develop motor and cognitive skills with J and C music lessons

Looking for an effective music provision that will:

  • Inspire and engage your pupils
  • Develop individual and team skill
  • Ensure effective pupil progress from reception through to year 6

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How will a J and C Music provision benefit my school?

J and C Music teachers will:

  • Deliver inclusive, engaging and cross-curricular lessons
  • Develop pupils' vocal and percussion skills, improving tone, rhythym and pitch
  • Differentiate effectively to ensure all pupils make progress
  • Raise the profile of music beyond the school curriculum

J and C will support your school to:

  • Deliver whole school music assemblies
  • Increase participation in musical events and festivals
  • Promote cultural diversity through music
  • Engage and inspire your school community
The quality of the music teaching staff that we have had working in our school has always been first rate. This has been supported by a professional and friendly leadership team from J and C Education.

Jeremy Meek, Head-teacher, Colnbrook C.E Primary School

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